Given how my body feels at the moment, I think Mulder might be on to what is *actually* going on...

Given how my body feels at the moment, I think Mulder might be on to what is *actually* going on…

Although I was totally nerdy and kinda LIKED titrations, in Chem class, I was relieved when I didn’t have to do them anymore. So, too, I’m thinking I’ll be relieved when we don’t have all sorts of vials to combine and mix and then connect with Q-caps and various types of needles.

J is a champ, and his notes & memory were better than mine when we did the first night of the 2736-step shots last Thursday. Now, after a week, preparing everything seems like second nature.

But being a week into these shots at the highest doses means I’m also feeling swollen, puffy, exhausted, like I have a low-grade flu, and — perhaps understandably — a little cranky. Also, I cried at a radio ad (!?!) and I’m really not much of a crier.

I am sure this level of discomfort pales in comparison to chemo,  though, so I’m just trying to appreciate where I’m at right now and roll with it the best I can.

I’ve got a couple of appointments today, including the main pre-op visit. So, there we’ll learn a little more about the details of my first (and hopefully only/main) surgery on Nov. 12.

Physically crummy as I feel, I am super thankful to even have this option to try to save some eggs, etc, pre-chemo.

Also, I’m feeling waaay fortified & supported – between a firepit visit with great friends (2 from far away, 2 bearing amazing soup, ALL the BEST people with great hugs), notes, songs, cards, and the HUGE outpouring of support last week.

Thanks, dudes. It helps!


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