A HUGE thankfulness…

thank you!

I feel like I have been absolutely swimming in gratitude over the last few days… even when on the phone setting appointments, when getting nervous trying to be sure I’m prepping my injections correctly, while trying to help folks on the reference desk at work, while sitting quietly on the porch with my dog — the whole time, I have been overwhelmed with thankfulness.

I’m bowled over, honored and humbled by all the support I’ve received over the last week — first through the google doc (I honestly thought we’d get like 12-15 folks and felt pretty good about that!) and then through people contributing to help us get through while I’m in treatment.

The day my friends Onna & Pete launched the GoFundMe campaign, I literally cried (with gratitude) into my lunch.

I always feel tremendously lucky to have so many great people in my life, but to feel the generosity and support of those folks (you!) so personally is really amazing. Thanks to Onna & Pete for doing this even though I was stubborn at first. (I am very very stubborn, perhaps too much so) ❤

Thanks to you all. I know the months ahead won’t be easy, but not having to worry as much about bills after medical stuff ate our savings last year (I was successfully treated for another totally unrelated condition last year, but that wiped out our rainy-day fund and left us with a balance) is a big weight off our shoulders.

I thought I might end up feeling embarrassed or sheepish asking for help (I am VERY — perhaps at times foolishly — independent) but this swell of support and love has made me realize that I don’t actually feel those things after all — gratitude completely has eclipsed them and left me feeing far less alone.

Thank you for the love, whatever form it takes or has taken. I am humbled.


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