A Conversation About Big Stuff, aka Lots of Swearing

Misty Lyn and I have been in overlapping-but-not-quite-totally-the-same circles for the last decade plus. I think I first met her waaay back in the Elbow Room/Dabenport days.

We have a ton of shared friends, and in like 2008/9, when I was involved in helping organize some fundraiser shows and stuff for one of my fave orgs, 826michigan, we crossed paths here and there again, too. And then, of course, at Old Town.

It just kinda kept happening, and I’ve glad our orbits have overlapped a little more in the last few of years. It’s been fun to see what she’s up to, what she cares about, and what she channels her energy towards — in these last few years, that’s been photography and documenting the River Street Anthology in particular.

She’s turned those photo and capturing skills to her own project this year too, in the 52 Portraits Project — a series of portraits accompanied by extended interviews with various women, set up in podcast format.

It certainly feels humbling that she wanted to spend time chatting with me. I hope I had at least a little insight on navigating difficult times, or at least that listening to this makes you laugh a little bit.

And lordy, I had NO idea that I swore so much when talking about intense things, but I guess that’s just what I do now (so NSFW, yo!). Special audio appearance by Sparky, oops!

Here’s to stories, to reflecting on the long haul, sharing them, to learning and trying to connect to each other through them – in whatever form they may take.

Thank you, Misty, for all that you’re doing, and for taking the time to chat. ❤




Given how my body feels at the moment, I think Mulder might be on to what is *actually* going on...

Given how my body feels at the moment, I think Mulder might be on to what is *actually* going on…

Although I was totally nerdy and kinda LIKED titrations, in Chem class, I was relieved when I didn’t have to do them anymore. So, too, I’m thinking I’ll be relieved when we don’t have all sorts of vials to combine and mix and then connect with Q-caps and various types of needles.

J is a champ, and his notes & memory were better than mine when we did the first night of the 2736-step shots last Thursday. Now, after a week, preparing everything seems like second nature.

But being a week into these shots at the highest doses means I’m also feeling swollen, puffy, exhausted, like I have a low-grade flu, and — perhaps understandably — a little cranky. Also, I cried at a radio ad (!?!) and I’m really not much of a crier.

I am sure this level of discomfort pales in comparison to chemo,  though, so I’m just trying to appreciate where I’m at right now and roll with it the best I can.

I’ve got a couple of appointments today, including the main pre-op visit. So, there we’ll learn a little more about the details of my first (and hopefully only/main) surgery on Nov. 12.

Physically crummy as I feel, I am super thankful to even have this option to try to save some eggs, etc, pre-chemo.

Also, I’m feeling waaay fortified & supported – between a firepit visit with great friends (2 from far away, 2 bearing amazing soup, ALL the BEST people with great hugs), notes, songs, cards, and the HUGE outpouring of support last week.

Thanks, dudes. It helps!