It probably just means I’m old, but I’ve realized that how I write is inevitably shaped by what I think the final format might be. I realize that doesn’t really fit into current ideas of “content,” but screw that — I don’t have a media conglomerate lording over me, so…


Anyway, I made a comment last week about writing things down to deal with life. It’s weird for me because, once upon a time, writing was most certainly the way I dealt with the entire world. It was the way I processed things that had happened or were happening. But, then I got into making metal stuff, and prints, and music, and had various different outlets. But I think writing is still a really particular one for me.

…but although I am into the general idea of living and learning in a very open way in public (see We Learn in Public, my short-lived school-related project a few years ago), I’m also not 100% there. Way back when, I was more comfortable with diaryland or livejournal than other formats. Most comfortable of all was still the physicality of creating something on paper, and mostly, it still is. Block printing, collages, and paste-up feel good to me, even when largely assisted by computers.

So, if you’re interested more in what a certain week and a half of time felt like, shoot me your mailing address (mbcherem AT gmail) and I’ll send you a copy of the zine I just made for the AMAZING Zine Show some rad friends just put together last weekend.


I mean, 19 people actually bought copies of a zine that included stuff about cancer, so it must be somewhat interesting, right? It was basically me practicing being completely open and honest in a way that is difficult but, I think, important.

I can’t promise I will mail it this week, but I love real paper mail and plan on sending a bunch while I’m recovering after Nov 12, so expect something then if you request a copy…


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