Dark Jokes & Radio Medicine

I’m pretty worn out, and very sore. The shots and sheer number of appointments are already getting to me, but I’m trying to keep a sense of humor about it.

Since the waiting-game pre-diagnosis, I’ve just been making terribly dark jokes and mostly only writing them down, because they are possibly only funny to me, but here’s this morning’s:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.25.55 AM

HA! You have to admit, it’s at least a little funny!

Anyway, after that, I had a bad blood draw and a pretty overall bummer (not bad news, just things not going smoothly — MONDAYS, amirite?) appointment, so I got in my car feeling pretty drained.

But then I turned on WCBN, and this was playing…

…and so I rolled the windows down, cranked the volume up, and cried/laughed for a second because it’s gorgeous outside.

And then a few songs later, this…

…and I just marveled at how many times CBN has been an antidote, an extra nudge, or good medicine even when I didn’t know that’s what I needed.

Radio, man. Music. CBN’s a special thing.

So now it’s time to drink some tea, take a shower, and get back to work.


3 thoughts on “Dark Jokes & Radio Medicine

  1. For awesome nihilism, check out Nihilist Arby’s. They are just awesome. Arby’s is pretty amazing. Britain and I had a whole FB conversation about Arby’s. America’s Roast Beef,Yes Sir indeed.


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