Everything’s TOTALLY COOL

I start chemo tomorrow and I’m all…


…kidding! Kinda.

I feel strong, I feel surrounded by the best people.

But I still feel moments of that, pictured up there ^

It’s a dreary day, and the fact the nurse couldn’t get a vein easily today (they haven’t decided whether or not to do a port yet) makes me a little skittish.

Also, hearing directions/info about how I’m basically a walking biohazard for a few days after treatment is a little surreal. NOBODY TRY TO TOUCH MY BARF, OK!? I KNOW YOU ALL WANT TO.

Listening to this album, though, is doing good things for my mood and brain and gut…


5 thoughts on “Everything’s TOTALLY COOL

  1. Hi Mariah,

    We don’t know each other, but I saw this link to your blog on FB through a mutual friend. I recently finished my chemo treatments for TNBC and I would love to be an ear for you or someone for you to reach out to with any questions.

    I remember feeling how you feel right now, the night before my first chemo…the unknown. Please feel free to reach out!



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