Work, Cyborgs, Furiosa…

Work, Cyborgs, Furiosa…

The last 48 hours have been full of changes.

I went to work!

My paperwork processed, finally, to go back to work. So, I was able to go back!

…for exactly ONE day.

But still, it was good! I was also there briefly this weekend for the wonder that is Tiny Expo, but I’ll save that for another post.

I kicked off the day by eating a ENORMOUS donut (thanks to Jody, who probably will never read this), got to catch up with people a little bit, get some good hugs, and go through stuff at my desk.

I got to see some of my favorite people, and also get a sneak peek at fantastic prints  by local artists that will soon be up for check-out. Though I didn’t get to see the master of the Secret Lab, Steve, he left me an awesome laser-burned Secret Lab logo (why yes, I DO keep multiple stuffed elephants at my desk!).

I even admired the new carpet. Yes, it’s mundane, but whatever – it makes certain areas look/feel waaay better, and I care how the library feels to people!

I became a cyborg!


noun cy·borg \ˈsī-ˌbȯrg\
a person whose body contains mechanical or electrical devices and whose abilities are greater than the abilities of normal humans

Yesterday morning, I had a minor surgery to implant a “port.” These have changed a lot over the years. They used to sometimes put them in folks’ arms, but now they put ’em right into your chest.

I liked how before/during the procedure they drape a gown/sheet over your head so it feels like it’s in its own little private blanket-fort while they are doing this weird thing less than a foot away. It was kinda cozy, honest!

That may have been my favorite part about the whole thing. Or the drugs that help you chill the hell out, those are def. in the running for favorite part too, because… Whew.

A port is basically a connection point for IVs & blood draws, and it helps save your veins. Considering that I’ll be going through at least 16 total chemo sessions, it’s worth it to be given this “greater ability” (!) to connect up to the medicines I’ll need. So, although I’m pretty sore and it’s kinda a bummer to go through yet one more procedure (oh cool, not comfortable on EITHER side now), I think it’s worth it in the long run.

My style has gone Full Furiosa


The countdown to losing my hair was ticking… I haven’t really found a wig I like, but my hair was going to start coming out within the next few days (they can predict the timing pretty well for the regimen I’m on), and so they recommend shaving most of your hair off pre-emptively.

My friend who was originally gonna do the honors had a migraine (ugh! worst!), so I am super extra lucky that the talented and loving Vito was up for the challenge of sheering me. We didn’t go full Mr. Clean, Vito said “more like Joan of Arc,” which I’m OK with.

In high school, one of my best friends shaved her head, but I never went quite that short because I have a HUGE dent in my head. However, it’s not super-visible so far, so…. thankful for small things?

I mean, we all have dents in our heads — metaphorically speaking — right?


Chemo Party: Episode 2

Currently hanging out for a chemo session — this is the second out of sixteen. But, I’m trying to take it little by little, so looking at it that way, after this treatment, I’ll be through half of the first type (AC) of chemo (!).

I’ll have 2 more sessions of this type: Dec 30th & Jan 13th, then switch to every week for 12 weeks straight.

Been listening to this during today’s session (on GREAT new Burger Records headphones gifted to me from one of my favorite little babes, Henry Dutch!) ❤

Makes sense Harmony & Cleo are listening to this stuff — a lot of stuff I like too…