<3 hearts <3

Hey! It’s Valentine’s Day!

Whether its romantic or not (and let’s face it, romance can add a lot of messy baggage, though it can be great too) let’s hear it for love.

Just plain ol’ kindness to totally transformative love — all kinds are super important! Hooray for love!

I’m on house arrest at the moment — they sent me home from chemo last Wednesday. So, until my white blood cell count bounces back up, I have to be super careful being around people and chemo is on pause.

My fella Jeremy and his DJ partner Gibs and crew are throwing a big ol’ party down the street. They’ve been throwing almost-monthly parties for 14 (!) years… though this is the year the frequency will be less than monthly… but tonight is a party night and…I wish I were dancing like THIS…

405037_4388088653208_1984126258_n(melissa, dena, angela and me at the halfass <3)

…or THIS (a few years later at the Blind Pig)…


…or maybe even just kickin’ it in the bathroom like THIS (back at the Halfass)…


…tonight, but I’m happy/grateful enough to be chilling with my sweet dog in our very cozy house.

There is SO much I want to make and do and say and to be, but for now, gotta keep it low-key and get my strength back up!


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