All’s Well…

…or as well as things are right now. Had a minor surgical procedure today.

brb, gonna go rollerblade!
brb, gonna go rollerblade!

Still groggy, really sore, but everything went really well. I’ve been back home recovering most of this pm with the aid of my dude Jeremy, Sparky the wonderpup, and drop-offs from a few other friends & family (the ones who understand when all I have in me is a bleary “ughhhh” as a momentary hello from the couch).

Last week, I planned on being at work all day tomorrow, but then some very kind coworkers gently pointed out that I might be temporarily INSANE, and from the way I feel at the moment, I am extra thankful for their intervention.

Still planning on being at work Tuesday, though. Have a few loose ends and some Normal Life Stuff™ I wanna fit in before things get entirely bizarre.

SPEAKING OF BIZARRE, Wednesday afternoon/evening, I get RADIOACTIVE DYE injected into MY NIPPLE, which is — as my friend Amy pointed out — a possible super-hero origin story. Then, Thursday is my real-deal surgery, here at U of M’s Cancer Center.

In general life, I don’t really talk that much in detail about my anatomy (maybe in a zine/but not too much on the interwebs), but it also feels like total honesty is best in this situation, for a lot of reasons.

Tip-toeing around certain things can be exhausting, especially when you don’t feel those things should be stigmatized to begin with. But typing about my temporarily radioactivity still stirs an odd feeling that’s both uncomfortable and maybe a little exhilarating?

But really, guys, lbr — we all know about nipples! In fact a LOT of us HAVE THEM!

Ok, ok, despite finally being awake for a few hours in a row, I’m obvs. still kinda loopy — time for more sleep.

G’night, friends.


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